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Kerber-ST: Compact Stationary Detector for Explosives and Narcotics on Fingers
Kerber-ST: Compact Stationary Detector for Explosives and Narcotics on Fingers

The Kerber-ST IMS is a fully automatic detector for trace quantities of explosives and drugs on fingers of inspected persons.

The detection of explosives and/or narcotics on the finger is carried out automatically when the inspected person presses the button of the sampling unit of the detector.

Main advantages

  • Rapid simultaneous detection of positive and negative ions
  • Non-radioactive ionization source
  • Doesn’t require high-priced expandable materials
  • Wide range of detected chemical agents including home-made peroxide explosives
  • Open database of substances with possibility of alter extension

Scope of application

  • Rapid detection of trace amounts of explosives and narcotic substances at various checkpoints (passport and visa control at airports, railway stations, public events, industrial sites and specially protected areas);
  • Control access to the premises of increased security;
  • Inspection control of the presence of traces of explosives and narcotics on hands after contact with these substances.




Overall dimensions of the detector (L×W×H), mm, not more
Weight, kg, not more
Detection threshold for TNT, g 2.0·10-8
Number of measurements (inspected persons) per minute
Time for operating mode start-up, min, not more
Sampling unit cleaning time in case of severe contamination, min., not more 2
Mode of operation Round-the-clock
Communication interfaces Ethernet, USB,
Wi-Fi (optional)

Substances detected by the Kerber-ST IMS

  • Explosives (detection and identification): nitramines (RDX, HMX, tetryl, etc.), nitrate esters (nitroglycerine, EGDN, PETN, etc.), nitroaromatics (TNT, DNT, etc.), organic peroxides (TATP, HMTD), inorganic nitrates (ammonium, potassium and sodium nitrates), and also blended explosives based on them.
  • Narcotics (detection and identification): cannabinoids (hashish/marijuana), opiates (morphine, heroin, codeine, fentanyl, etc.), amphetamines (amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDMA, etc.), cocaine, etc.
These are only the most common substances from the list of detected and identified by the Kerber series detectors. List of detectable substances may be supplemented in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

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