Development and manufacture of analytical equipment
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More than 30 years at the leading edge of measuring equipment technologies

Since 1993, Yuzhpolymetal-Holding (YPH) Group has been successfully developing, producing and selling different types of mobile equipment for chemical analysis. Our engineers develop and produce leading edge solutions for countless applications and also create customized and tailor-made products. The close contact we maintain with our customers as well as the high flexibility of our production line makes a rapid conversion of new ideas to final products possible.

During the period of activity, our company developed more than 20 types of analytical and inspection equipment, including XRF analyzers (metals and alloys identifiers), IMS (detectors for trace amounts of hazardous chemicals) and Raman (identifiers of wide range of chemicals and crystals) spectrometers, and also some different probe preparation systems, series of standards for calibration of different types of analyzers.

More than 2000 units of equipment were obtained by customs organizations, security services of transport, sports and energy facilities, aircraft engine manufacturing facilities, airlines, assay offices, and other organizations of Russia and other countries.

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